Choose from available TV programming package options!

Choose from available TV programming package options!

Want more TV programs? With Drumbeat, you will have access movies, shows, sport events, the NFL Sunday Ticket, live performances, access to online video games and more!.

Drumbeat means access to over 315 TV channels most in full HD as well as options of 4K and 3D! Plus, you will have access to many premium movie channels including HBO., SHOWTIME., Starz. and Cinemax. You can also STOP. PLAY. REWIND. with access to leading DVR technology!

The new Drumbeat Networks offers more programming package options for your community than ever before! We have super fast Internet, we have super fast installation teams, and our super fast technology allows us to provide a single-dish solution for multi-family dwellings.

Digital Bulk.

If your property includes TV as part of your rent, the path to upgrade your TV is fast and easy! Extra channels, sports networks, premium channels and Pay-per-view options are just a phone call away. Call or email us today for the latest offerings.

Direct to Home.

Residents living at a Drumbeat Direct to Home (DTH) property are already wired for state-of-the-art TV and TV Programming options! This means that connection to amazing Drumbeat services is just a phone call away!

Whichever Your Option, You’re Getting the Ultimate TV Experience!


When you select our DIRECTTV option, you will have access over 200 HD TV channels! The highest quality HD picture in 1080p HD offers the same stunning format as Blu-ray. This includes local channels and the most movies and sports in HD.


Pause. Stop. Rewind. All on LIVE TV! You will have access to Industry-Leading DVR technology. So you can record an entire season of your favorite series or watch two games at once. This includes whole house viewing options and much more!

Private Cable.

A private cable solution has tailored the channel line up for the best overall value for your property. Call OR sign up today.


With the new Drumbeat Network’s premium DIRECTV programming you will have access to many premium movie channels from HBO, SHOWTIME, Starz and Cinemax. Also included are over 35 specialty sports networks, the hottest adult entertainment and games.
Examples of Premium Channels

4K TV.

Live the action! Experience sports, movies and more like never before– in cutting edge 4K resolution! With the launch of new 4K content, Drumbeat delivers a whole new level of home entertainment to your TV.


Want Pay-per-view? Watch and record Pay-per-view events, games concerts and movies with the click of the remote. Features such as HD, Dolby Digital, letterbox and All Day Ticket are all included!

On Demand.

On Demand programming will offer you over 500 NEW movie releases with new ones added each week. Plus, you will have access to over 6000 TV shows and movies instantly at no extra charge!