About Us

More Service. More Speed. More Connectivity. Get more with the new Drumbeat Networks.

We’re marching to the beat of a new drum… We’ve got a cool, new management team and a new in-house customer service department to serve your Internet needs better than ever before!

The new Drumbeat Networks now offers multifamily communities state-of-the-art Internet services and distribution networks with blazing speeds that only Fiber Optics can deliver!* Drumbeat provides the latest in HD TV programming, premium movie options and remote streaming capability. The best part? You get an all new, totally dedicated in-house customer service team, LIVE CHAT, Online Payment Options and much more!

  • Super-fast Internet Service for Your Community (MDU)
  • Spectacular HD Television Packages
  • Faster Downloads 
  • Awesome In-House Customer Service Team
  • Fast and Easy Pay Online, Live Chat features

Far more than your standard, everyday Internet provider or ISP, the new Drumbeat Networks offers a number of different TV programming package options as well as a multitude of delivery technologies and services. We have also streamlined the need for repetitive external equipment greatly reducing installation times and unsightly dishes.

Bandwidth needs have definitely changed as people are connecting more devices to their network than ever before! That’s why the new Drumbeat Networks is constantly evolving to offer you increased bandwidth, higher reliability and super fast Internet connectivity that’s backed by an all new, totally awesome in-house customer service team!

Get the best in HD Television, high-speed Internet and in-house customer service, call or click here to connect your community with the all new Drumbeat Networks today!

*Type and availability of service are based on property location and service selection.